The resources on this site will lead you to various sites around the web that will help you find books that you might be interested in reading, places to discuss books and find recommendations, and sites that will help you report on your findings. There are also a few writing links included, some to technical sites to help you with class writing, and some to sites that help teenage writers develop their craft. Feel free to utilize other pages on the wiki to leave tips for good (or not-so-good) books, engage in discussions, or plan book-related projects with classmates.

Finding and Discussing Books


Corning West Library Catalog- Find books that are available at our school library

Southeast Steuben County Library - This is the library in Corning's web page - the site has their library catalog, and links to all the resources they offer (some of those are linked separately on this page)

NoveList- A resource that allows you to enter information about what would interest you in a book, and offers titles you might like (you will need your library card number)

What Should I Read Next? - A resource that enables you to enter the title of a book you liked (or an author you like), and then suggests similar books that you may enjoy reading

Tumble TalkingBooks - Another service from the Southeast Steuben Library, this site offers audio files of many full-length novels (We are operating on the honor system with this service - you will use it to listen to the first chapter or two of a book that you will then find and read the old-fashioned way!)

PermaBound - This is actually the site of a company that sells books (including lots of the books we'll be using in class). There are lots of ways to use the site to find books you'd be interested in reading, though. We will go over the site in class, and you can refer to the PermaBound Quick Guide for help.

book_lamp.pngBookLamp - This site calls itself the "Pandora of Books." You enter a writer you like, other requirments you have in a book (length, etc.), and the site will filter those requirements and different aspects of the author's writing style to find you other books you might like.

Google Books - This site offers excerpts from many different books. You can look for a particular title, and might be able to read a little bit of it to decide if it is interesting to you.

Book Lists - Book lists provide a list of titles of books that you may find interesting. Many sites organize book lists by topic - books about sports, about romance, etc.

ALA Best Books for Young Adults - The American Library Association makes a yearly list of the best books published each year for young adults. The lists are annotated, with brief summaries of what the books are about. If you want more information on a book, you could always type the title into a review site, like or goodreads.

Greenville, RI Library - This site has lots of booklists arranged by topic - you can look for titles on football, vampires, romance and more. The lists are annotated with short summaries

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Teens Page - I'm putting this in the booklists section, though there are also reviews and the opportunity for you to submit reviews of your own. Use the navigation bar on the left to look for booklists in different categories

TEEN ZONE Book Lists - A set of lists of recommended books from the Ocean County, NJ Library. Some of these lists are pretty unique - there's lists of books about forensic science, lots of different mystery lists, books with protagonists who are dealing with depression and a manga list, among many other choicessalt_lake_county.png

Salt Lake County Library Services - This site has many different book lists - including non-fiction book lists and graphic novel lists

Social Networking Book Sites - registering on these sites allows you to review and recommend books, and receive reviews and recommendations from other friends on the site

Shelfari goodreads.png

Review Sites/Blogs: The sites in this section have a combination of different services - book reviews, author information, author interviews, options for you to submit reviews of your own or create lists of books you like. Most of these sites are privately run, so keep your critical faculties honed while exploring them!

Young Adult Books Central - This is a very comprehensive site with a lot of different reviews and information about authors and books. You also have the option to submit your own reviews.

What Should I Read Now?- This is a fabulous blog on young adult literature (ok, it's my judgement of it's fabulous-ness is a little prejudiced). A few advantages for you in using this blog include 1) I've read all the books, so I can help you with them and 2) All of the books are in our classroom library, so you will know you can have a copy of them.

Teen Reads- This blog has tons of features - reviews (and the option to add your own reviews), the "ultimate" teen book list, author interviews, videos, information about books turned into movies...It's definitely worth a peek!

Teen Book Festival Live Webpage - This is the page for an annual conference for teens, on reading, that is held every year in Rochester. I've linked you to the resource page, which has lots of links on authors who have spoken at the conference, their books, and links to blogs and other sites about books written for Young Adults. (And if you think you might be interested in going to the conference, let me know - we can inquire about it, but we'd have to start early!).

Hennepin County Library - This site has tons of information on lots of different YA authors and even links to the authors' own blogs.

Young Adult Book Reviews - This site is run by a high school librarian, who has lots of experience picking out books that young adults actually enjoy reading! - Lots of book reviews, author interviews and some forums to discuss books

teenfire.pngTeen Fire - Book reviews, interviews, forums and even book give-aways!

Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm - Run by a 19-year-old, this site has reviews, author interviews, book trailers and lots of links

Teens.Librarypoint - This page, located on the webpage of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virgina, has book reviews, books lists, contests, polls and more

Point of View Books - Run by Penguin Publishers, this allows teen readers to connect and discuss books that are particularly memorable or intense

Chronicle Books Blog- A blog run by Chronicle Books publishers. There are all genres of books covered, but there are author interviews, contests, and information about upcoming releases.

50 Best Blogs For Teen Readers - An annotated list of 50 different websites that are geared toward teen readers. The llists are organized into categories - sites run by teens, by librarians, etc.

Book Trailers - Book Trailers are like mini-music videos or music trailers, except instead of exploring a song or promoting a movie, they explore and promote books instead. Watch some of the trailers below to help you find a book.

Book Trailers for Readers - a librarian-run site, with tons of book trailers!

Book Screening - This site has 700+ book trailers. This link takes you to the "Youth" section, which has over 100 book trailers for young adult books

Digital Booktalk - A site from the University of Central Florida, with over 100 young adult book trailers
Circle of Seven Productions - This website is a commercial site that creates book trailers. The link takes you to the searchable index of books they've created trailers for, many of which are Young Adult titles (it says in the description if they're YA books)

Granite Bay High School - This is a page on a high school library website with several book reviews created by students. (Wouldn't creating a page like this be a great personal project idea?)

Project Ideas

Traditional Projects - These sites will help you think of ways to present your book in an interesting and creative way

More Ideas Than You'll Ever Need- Some of these project ideas are aimed at elementary level students, but you'll be able to adapt lots of them and create some really fun and interesting projects (I know, because I've used this site to help me create assignments!)

Still More Novel Ideas - This site was actually created for teachers creating assignments, but you can utilize it for ideas of your own. One helpful feature of this page is that projects are organized by category (art-based, research-based, etc.)

Beyond the Boring: Book Report Alternatives - This site is a portal site that links to several other sites that offer all kinds of ideas for creatively presenting a book. You can find a huge amount of ideas a resources starting with this site!

Technology Sites - These sites are all free (or offer free trials) and can be used to create creative book projects - word clouds, videos, book trailers - that utilize technology. Have fun exploring!

Google Earth

Petaluma High School Tech Tips - This site offers tons of links to cool sites where you can make videos, arrange pictures, create comic strips and more

Go2Web20 - This site has links to all kinds of Web 2.0 applications that could be used to create great projects (for all your classes, or even for things you do for fun).

MLA and Writing Tips

Writing Sites - If you really liked some of the books you've read, you might want to try your hand and creating your own (or, if you can't find one you really like, why not try writing one?). These sites contain hints, tips, forums and suggestions for teen writers - everything is covered, from getting ideas to getting going to getting published!

Young Writers Magazine- This magazine is published four times yearly. The site has great resources for young readers and writers - book reviews, writing exercises, booklists and more.

Write On!- This site has writing contests, writing exercises, and book reviews, among other things. Its focus is to help teen writers hone their craft and even seek publication.

40 of the Best Websites for Young Writers - this portal site offers links to over 40 sites that specialize in helping, guiding and encouraging young writers

Want to Get Published? - This site from gives links to many sites that accept writings from young authors, as well as advice on writing and publishing, and links to articles and pages about preparing your work for publication.

MLA - You know you need to use it!!! Even if you create a non-traditional project, you still need a works cited page.

OWL (On-line Writing Lab) at Purdue MLA Style Guide - This is the site I use when I need a refresher on MLA style (including works cited pages). Be sure to use the navigation bar on the left to find exactly what you need.